Protect Your Home From A Burglar This Holiday Season

For most people, the holiday season is all about giving. However, for a small group of people, the holidays are also a season for taking. In many areas, there is an increase in home break-ins during the holiday season. Fight against these intruders by focusing on security for your home this holiday season.

Be Mindful On Trash Day

On trash collection day, if the front of your home looks like a home inventory catalog, you will have a problem on your hands. If you don't break down the box for your new flat-screen television, game system, or other high-dollar item, you let possible intruders know exactly what you have, making your home a target.

Intruders are less interested in homes they don't think has anything they want. Mask your purchases to prevent this issue. Always break down large boxes so that they easily fit within the waste bin. Use dark colored trash bags so that you can't see through them, and if you have something that you can't mask, wait until the morning to put it on the curb.

Minimize Social Media Updates

Social media offers a great way to share with others, but some people take this too far by sharing too much. There is no need for the world to know that you're going away for the holidays or that you just got the new computer you've been wanting.

Keep these types of details to yourself. Everyone that views your page isn't necessarily a friend. A skilled burglar can view your page, get your name and even capture your home address. Always keep the settings on your page private and keep your movements and purchases to yourself.  

Update Your Security System

If you have a security system installed, you are on the right track, but if the system is outdated, your efforts are limited. Many modern systems come with added protection features, such as home monitoring and automation. With Wi-Fi–enabled monitoring, you can view your home when you're away and be immediately alerted when someone enters inside.

With this alert, you can turn on a light or perform another automation process to scare off an intruder before they even get started. Not only will they leave empty-handed, but they will also be less likely to take aim at your home in the future. Contact a company like MD Electrical LLC for more information on security systems.

These security tips won't just keep your home more secure during the holidays, but all year long as well. Make sure you are being proactive.