Security Features for a Church

Protect Your Home From A Burglar This Holiday Season

For most people, the holiday season is all about giving. However, for a small group of people, the holidays are also a season for taking. In many areas, there is an increase in home break-ins during the holiday season. Fight against these intruders by focusing on security for your home this holiday season. Be Mindful […]

Where Is Your Private Information Going?

Whether through professional business or personal interaction, the information about your business, career and personal life can be pieced together or completely exposed. Depending on who has that information and how quickly you act, the repercussions could be as small as contacting your bank or as large as losing your competitive edge. Although there are […]

Fire Safety Tips For The Elderly

The thought of a fire occurring in the home is terrifying for most people, yet many elderly adults are not prepared for the possibility of a fire. Unfortunately, people who are age 65 and older are twice as likely to suffer injuries or even death from a fire, and the older they get, the greater […]

Security System Repair: When The Problems With Your Security System Are More Human Than Machine

Even if you have an industrial or commercial security system installed on your property, not all the problems you have with it may be mechanical or electrical. Sometimes it is your security guards and job performance issues. Here is how you can figure out where the real problem lies: Checked and Rechecked Experiencing glitches in […]