Security System Repair: When The Problems With Your Security System Are More Human Than Machine

Even if you have an industrial or commercial security system installed on your property, not all the problems you have with it may be mechanical or electrical. Sometimes it is your security guards and job performance issues. Here is how you can figure out where the real problem lies:

Checked and Rechecked

Experiencing glitches in your CCTV system could be the result of excess motion. It could also mean that your security guards accidentally spilled coffee on the controls. When you have had a repair technician check and recheck the electrical system and the cameras' resistance to vibrations and movement, then the next step is to rule out human malfunction.

A Security System for the Security System

It is not uncommon to install a backup security system that you can use to monitor just the security guards. It may seem like the move of someone paranoid, but it often sheds light on what goes on in your building late at night. The second security system can catch all the footage you need to determine why your primary security system has the problems it does. The human problems commonly caught on your secondary system may include:

  • Security guards sleeping on the job
  • Lack of building patrols, which should be performed hourly or every other hour
  • Keeping food and drink away from the primary security system's work station
  • Security guards who get late night visits with sexual partners (yes, this has happened and does happen)
  • Theft, either by the security guards or while the guards are on duty--if the guards are in on it, this might explain why your primary system loses power or video footage
  • Forgetting to hit "record"/inserting recording media at the start of each shift

When your secondary security system spots any of the above, then you know that the problem is more human than machine. Thankfully, the solution to human error will not cost you the price of a repair technician's visit. 

Repairing the Human Issues with Your Security System

Once you have uncovered the human problems with your security system, you have some options which you can carry out without the assistance of a third party. Theft, sleep and sex on the job equals termination for the offending security guards, while the rest of the human errors equals corrective action for these employees.

If you outsource your need for security guards, then you do not even have to deal with these behavioral problems yourself--the security company does. Regardless of the infraction or who addresses the problem, at least you have the security of mind knowing that the problems had nothing to do with your alarms, CCTV or other mechanical security system components.

To learn more, contact a company like Tim's Alarms Service with any questions or concerns you have.