Ensuring Your New Apartment Is As Safe As Possible: Tips For You

When you move into a new apartment, there are many different things that you have in mind at any given moment. You want to be sure that all of your possessions fit and decide where everything goes, and you worry about the basics of getting moved in and settled. It is usually not until after moving day that you begin to think about things like security and safety in your apartment. Before you feel lost and overwhelmed with all of the safety factors you may need to consider, get to know some of the ways that you can make sure that your new apartment is as safe as possible.

Look For And Test All Fire Alarms

In general, safety regulations dictate that every apartment home needs at least one fire alarm or fire detector. It is actually far safer to have a fire detector in every bedroom as well as near the kitchen and/or living room, but many apartment complexes (especially the less expensive ones) stick to the minimum regulations.

Locate any and all fire alarms in your apartment and test the batteries to see if they are functioning properly. If pressing the test button does not elicit a loud alarm tone, then you need to contact your apartment manager or maintenance department to ensure that the batteries get changed and you get a working fire alarm in your home.

If there is only one alarm, you may want to go ahead and invest in one for every bedroom. And while you are at it, make sure you have a fire extinguisher that you keep in or near your kitchen in case of a fire emergency.

Make Sure All The Door And Window Locks Are Strong And Latch Properly

Of course, fires are not the only safety consideration to be aware of in your apartment home. It is also important that your home is secure so that you and your possessions remain safe. Once you are settling into your home, go through it and check all of the locks on both your windows and doors.

Test the doors and windows in their locked states to be sure that you cannot jiggle or easily force them open due to flimsy locks. If there is an issue, inform your landlord. You may also want to add an additional deadbolt or chain lock to your doors.

For an apartment with sliding glass patio doors, you will want to invest in an inexpensive block of wood to place in the door track when the door is closed and locked. This piece of wood stops the door from being forced open as the door has nowhere to move on the track.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can ensure your new apartment is as safe as possible, you can get started in your safety inspections and upgrades and begin to feel at home and comfortable. 

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