Parents Getting Older? Install A Security System To Keep Them Safe

If your parents are getting older and you don't live close to them, you may worry about their safety. One thing you can do is have a security system installed at their home. Below are two different types of security systems you can choose from. 

Monitored Systems 

One type of security system you can have installed is a monitored system. With this type, if the alarm at your parent's home goes off a call center will be notified. The call center will then send the police, ambulance, fire department, etc. to the home. A monitored system may be best for your parents. This is because much of the work is done by the security company. They will teach your parents how to use the system at their home. This is changing the password, turning the system off, and turning the system on. 

The security company can install sensors on all entry doors and windows. This means if the windows or doors are opened an alarm will sound. They can also install security lights outside. These lights turn on automatically when someone steps near them. This may deter an intruder as they will be seen if they continue breaking into the home. 

Self-Monitored Systems

With a self-monitored security system, your parents will control the system on their own. This system also includes sensors that will alert your parent if the system goes off by calling or texting their smartphone. Self-monitoring security systems also have mobile applications that your parents will install on their smartphones. They can then use the app to monitor their home remotely from their phone no matter where they are. If they see something is wrong, they can contact 911 on their own or call a neighbor to check something. 

With a self-monitored security system, you can have door sensors installed, as well as motion sensors. Consider installing security cameras outside. Some cameras have a display that is inside the home that your parents can view to see who is knocking on the door. Install a ring bell camera on the door to allow your parent to answer the door without having to open it. 

There are many more things you can do to keep your parents safe along with security system installation. For example, purchase them panic alerts that they wear like a necklace. This allows them to press a button to contact someone if they fall or get hurt. You could also make changes inside their home, such as installing grab bars in the bathroom, removing rugs they could slip on, etc.