Upgrading Your Home Security With Surveillance Cameras

You have a home alarm system in place, so you feel like your home is more secure when you leave. But there are times when you'd like to see what is going on in and around your house while you're away. Security cameras give you the ability to periodically check on your house from your office or from across the country. Here is how cameras can be an important part of your home security plan.

Why Use Security Cameras in Your Home

There are two key reasons for adding camera to your home:

  • Deterrence - Home burglars want to get in and out of your home quickly and unobserved. The presence of security cameras adds an obstacle that slows them down. The thief is likely to bypass your home to find one that is less protected and easier to break into.
  • Information - Your cameras will capture helpful information should your house get broken into. This will help law enforcement and insurance investigators track down the thieves and any stolen property. Without this video record, finding the burglars is difficult.

Other Uses of The Security Cameras

Preventing a break in is the major reason a homeowner installs security cameras. But there are some other uses that you'll find beneficial.

Activity monitoring - You can track the activity of yard workers, nannies, and maintenance people working around the house. This video record is helpful should something go missing from the house or other questionable activities occur.

Backup for Legal Actions - A video record of people in your yard or at your door can be helpful should someone have an accident on your property and file a suit against you. For example, someone who slips and falls on your icy front steps, but who doesn't use the available handrail, could be shown on the camera footage to not have been as cautious as they should've been.

Checking in - Some cameras are connected to your home network so you can see what the cameras see on your smartphone, tablet or laptop while out of town. Check in on the pets or plants. Watch your house for any damage from storm systems moving through while you're away. You'll get some piece of mind being able to check in on your home while you are out.

Security cameras help with crime prevention, but also give you access to your home while you're at the office or out of town. This is a much easier option than getting in touch with a neighbor to ask them to walk over and check on your house.