Surveillance Systems On Your Property – Camera Placement

When installing a surveillance system around your home or business, how visible do you want the cameras to be? A system such as this is only effective if it is installed properly, but what is the right way to do it? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine what installation process will suit your needs the best.

Do you want the cameras to be visible?

Of course you want to place some signs alerting everyone to the fact that a surveillance system is being used, but do you want those people to know exactly where the surveillance equipment is positioned? Sometimes, making cameras visible can give the potential criminals an idea of the areas to avoid, but they can also be very effective in making the criminal choose a different target. 

Do you want high-quality videos?

Some of the cheaper surveillance systems do not provide the high-quality videos that you may need to identify the person or persons responsible for the theft, vandalism or trespassing. If you want to be able to identify those individuals, you must spend the extra money to get high-quality equipment that will capture clear images at night and during the day.

What are the most targeted areas on your property?

You likely want to have cameras around all of the entry points, but are there other areas on the property that criminals would target? Maybe you have a storage shed on your property that houses all of your tools, or a warehouse that contains your merchandise – these areas should be given as much security as the areas directly around your entry points.

Are you worried about vehicle theft and break-ins?

Some people opt not to install surveillance equipment around the parking areas at their homes or businesses because they feel secure in the fact that the cars are lockable and equipped with alarms. Unfortunately, those locks and alarms don't always protect the vehicles from thieves.

Another thing you should concern yourself with is protecting yourself, your family and/or employees and customers while they are in your parking area. Parking lot crimes go beyond theft and can also be the location of attacks and abductions. You never know what can happen in a parking lot, so a few cameras recording the activity could help prevent or identify those individuals responsible for the negative actions.

Talk with your local surveillance system installation professional about what your property needs to provide optimum safety and security. He or she will be able to guide you through the buying and installation process without leaving any questions unanswered.

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