Where Is Your Private Information Going?

Whether through professional business or personal interaction, the information about your business, career and personal life can be pieced together or completely exposed. Depending on who has that information and how quickly you act, the repercussions could be as small as contacting your bank or as large as losing your competitive edge. Although there are always new techniques in security and breaking into said security, by understanding the flow of information and some of the more conventionally successful attack types, you patch up your losses much more efficiently. [Read More]

Monitor These 4 Things On A Regular Basis To Avoid Fire Damage And Injuries In Your Restaurant

When you're running a restaurant, you can be so busy it's hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. However, making sure your restaurant is protected against fires is something that needs to be on your mind often. Here are some things to monitor regularly to help your restaurant avoid damage and injuries from fires. Your Fire Suppression System It is important that you keep fire extinguishers on hand for small fires, but for your entire kitchen, a fire suppression system can be more effective at taking care of fires and keeping damage minimal. [Read More]

Surveillance Systems On Your Property – Camera Placement

When installing a surveillance system around your home or business, how visible do you want the cameras to be? A system such as this is only effective if it is installed properly, but what is the right way to do it? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine what installation process will suit your needs the best. Do you want the cameras to be visible? Of course you want to place some signs alerting everyone to the fact that a surveillance system is being used, but do you want those people to know exactly where the surveillance equipment is positioned? [Read More]

Upgrading Your Home Security With Surveillance Cameras

You have a home alarm system in place, so you feel like your home is more secure when you leave. But there are times when you'd like to see what is going on in and around your house while you're away. Security cameras give you the ability to periodically check on your house from your office or from across the country. Here is how cameras can be an important part of your home security plan. [Read More]